How to turn on your new Insights

Our new AI will allow you to see exactly what your customers are saying for any given date range, topic, or filter. To activate it, select a period of data that you want to see Insights for, and then click on the "eye" above your open text response. From there, hit the toggle that says "Show Insights".

From there, you can click on the box to the right of your insights to view all of the comments that make up those Insights.

If you would like to give us feedback on this feature, you just click this link!

How it works

The insights will show the most frequently occurring words and phrases for a given time period. These words and phrases will be updated whenever you change the date range, add or subtract a filter, select a specific topic, or change the card. The insights can also be updated to show you the "most negative" and the "most positive" things found found in your feedback by hitting the corresponding buttons:

You can also click on the boxes to the left of the generated Insight, and it the system will automatically filter to display those comments that contain the phrase:

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